About Zengyi

We established in 1994 to fabricate vibratory feeding system for automation industry. Our manufacturing teams, has more than ten years of experience in this industry. We Manufactured stainless steel and aluminum feeders bowls to support the automation industry.

As a manufacturer of vibratory bowl feeders, the feeder technology products we offer are used by the automation & semiconductor industry. We make standard or custom bowl feeders in 4" to 48" diameter, with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, from stainless steel, steel and with optic sensors. We are continuously searching for more efficient techniques that will produce high-quality, low-costing products. At Feeding Concepts- moving your parts to where profits are assembled- flexibility is essential to every project. Therefore, we utilize our interpersonal communications method to approach all your needs, with the willingness to mold to your specifications.

Since 2005, we has begin to penetrate into the global market, Primarily on South East Asia, China, Japan, US and Germany.